Comic 189 - Day 8: Insanity and Flames

11th Apr 2013, 4:28 PM in 2013
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Day 8: Insanity and Flames
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Author Notes:

11th Apr 2013, 4:28 PM
Ugh this took me THREE FREAKIN' DAYS to finish
Well here it is, anyways.

Sheesh, this might be tough to explain. Probably just going to have to walk through each one.
Okay, so the small image on top is of an average guy with an average name. Well, at least that's how other people see him. You can see for yourself that he is... not quite average.
Whether he would be born with it, or given the ability, he would have a not-quite split personality (coupled with a bit of crazy) that would allow him to manifest in the form seen at the bottom.
Hoo boy. That form there on the bottom has some... interesting powers. While I don't know exactly, there would probably be generic fire, and a special type of flame that wouldn't actually burn anything but would cause insanity in those it "burned". (temporary, permanent, I don't really have the details worked out.)
Yeah, and the flame form would also be very insane. (Side note, which is important to me, is that the "skin" color would be a dark reddish brown, and the features on the face would be orange. I'd color it in myself, except I have not yet mastered the ancient art of coloring and I am pretty sick of working with this drawing.)

Maaan. The larger top image is of him transforming, and it came out AWESOME.
The bottom one was a little lacking, not exactly how I envisioned it. But I already worked on this for 3 DAYS and already redrew the bottom one once. So I think any redraws will have to wait.

That's all I have to say on that matter.